My name is Edit Szabó. I was born in 08.02.1977, in Pécs. I live in Pécs with my daughter Mercedes. I like animals from my childhood especially dogs. I was about 10 years old when I got my first dog. Unfortunately I lost 3 dogs during 5 years.
I got my first setter when I was 15 years old. His name was Rocky and he was my true friend for 10 years.

It passed 3 mounts after his death and I realized that I can not live without a dog.
I found an advertisement in a newspaper about Gordon setter puppies.
Fortunately my family felt the same and to my great surprise my father brought home a Gordon puppy one day. He was Pedro. People suggested take him on dog shows because he is a very nice and strong dog. On the first show he got excellent from the judge, but on the second one he became Best Of Breed and Best Of Group.

I started to look for a very good bitch after we had decided to buy another Gordon setter. I chose Vénusz from the best kennel. She has excellent bloodline with English champion forbears. My both dogs’ (Pedro, Vénusz) hips are X-rayed because I am interested in their health too.

I went to dog school with my dogs and Pedro passed an examination. Vénusz has no possibility got the final examination because I became pregnant with my daughter, Merci. She also likes animals and my both dogs like my daughter.
Our first litter was born in 2005. There was born 12 puppies but only 6 stayed alive. Vénusz was a good mother and raised them perfectly. We also looked after the puppies with our all knowledge and later we chose them good owners.
My old childhood dream came through: I have two fantastic lovely dogs! They are the members of the family, and they also love us very much. My daughter is rising with them, and I hope one day she will also hold them in respect.
In the future I would like to learn more about Gordon setters, about their breeding and I would like to be better and better in the ring on the Dog Shows. Fortunately I have many dog lover friends, and mentors. They help me to develop; they give me professional and practical advices.
Thank you Edit Lüley!