The Kennel - About Us

I am Edit Szabó.
I was born on 08.02.1977 in Pécs. My family – my 12-year-old daughter and I – have been living here ever since.

Even as a child I was very fond of animals, especially dogs. I was about 10 when I got my first dog. Unfortunately, fate was not kind to me, as in 5 years 3 of my dogs left us and moved to the eternal hunting grounds.

At the age of 15 I got my first setter, he was Rocky, who was my faithful companion for 10 years.
I lasted 3 months without a dog.

Then I read the ad in the newspaper that gordon setter puppies for sale. It was easy to persuade Dad to buy them. I was very surprised when I came home from work one day and was greeted by a puppy – he became Pedro. It was recommended that we try to take him to a show because of how big he has grown. He got a first show with a distinction, then he won breed and group winner at the 2nd show.
That’s when we decided to buy him a pair. That’s how we got Venus. I chose her consciously. She comes from a very good bloodline, from English import ancestors.
As I am not only interested in looks, both my dogs (Pedro and Venus) are dysplasia filtered.

I went to school with both my dogs, and Pedro passed his exams. I didn’t have the chance to take Venus, because I got pregnant with my daughter Merci. She is also a great animal lover. Both my dogs love my daughter. Of course the affection is mutual!

In 2005, the first litter was born, of which Venus unfortunately raised only 6 out of 12, but nurtured them with loving care. We also tried our best to keep the babies and give them to really good owners.
My childhood dream came true, as I have two “super” dogs that I love.
Our dogs are real family members, very people-oriented. My little girl is growing up with them and I hope that this will instil a love and respect for animals at an early age.
In the future I would like to work more seriously with gordon setters, both for showing and breeding. That is why I am glad that I have friends in the dog world who can give me professional advice to help me do this. Thank you Edit Lüley!